Language of Seers

Lesson#03: Language of Seers Part#1
Language of Vedas, Vedāñga Jyotiṣa, Śikṣā – The Language, Chandas – The Rhythm, Vyākaraṇa – Meaningful Word, Nirukta – The Root, Jyotiṣa – The Vision, Kalpa – The Karma
Language of Seers #01
Lesson#04: Language of Seers Part#2
Language of Jyotiṣa, Ṛtu – Season, Definitions, Yuga and Seasons, Weekdays, Vedāñga-ṛtu, Jyotiṣa = Grīṣma ṛtu, Season and Mood, Aśvamedha yajña, The Indologist View, Upadeśa, Dharma, Expansion of the dot, Expansion and contraction, Adding for Weekdays, Deriving the Weekday, Process of adding sounds, Method 1: Sthiti Chakra,(Sustenance), Method 2: Sṛṣṭi Chakra (Creation wheel)
Language of

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Yuga-Time Cycles

Makara Māsa: 14 Jan – 13 Feb, 2010 |Course starts ☉ Makara saṅkrānti
Lesson#01: Linear and Cycle Time
(1) Classical Greco-Roman Mythology – Greek Mythology : Hesiod, Roman Mythology : Ovid;
(2) Classical Christian Mythology, Vedic Knowledge;
(3) Vedic : Yuga, Yugādi Tithi, Yuga avatāra, Present Kali Yuga, Jyotiṣa Notes;
(4) Scientific Theory;
(5) Symbols : Kāraka; Understanding Age Theories;
Download Yuga-Time Cycles
Essay Type Questions; Appendix-1: Kriyā Yoga School | 100 Marks
Lesson #1: Assignment
Please submit your assignment by uploading it at the Yahoo Group File Area
This highest mantra of Satya Sanatana dharma is the Security Key for

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Foundation of Vedic Astrology

You must read this to get a broad view of Vedic Astrology. It teaches you the foundations on which this vedic science is built. You need to know the 33 deva and understand the expansion of Vasudeva clearly. You need to understand the 8 lights called Asta-Vasu
MP3 Audio files Download

Foundation of Jyotish PDF
You can download three volumes of the teachings pertaining to the Foundation of Vedic Astrology. These are in zip archive and you need Winzip or any such software to extarct them.
Foundation Audiobook Archive

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