Why are we approaching the topics of BPHS in this manner?

This is the manner in which we have learnt Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra and that is the exactly same manner in which we intend to teach this vedic classic. The present form of BPHS is the result of the efforts to bring together the lost book. Even at the heights of his fame, Varāhamihira did not have access to BPHS which can only mean that the book was not publicly available and only certain brāhmaṇa families held this sacred knowledge in secrecy. Later, fragmented chapters were recovered from all

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Nakṣatra: Lunar Houses of Sidereal Zodiac

Brhat Naksatra $7.53
God has decorated the heavens with constellations like pearls on dark steed. The light of the Sun hides them in the day, and all knowledge of them is divined in the darkens of the night’
…Maharishi Parasara, Rig-Veda
Although we will be giving some basic lessons on Nakṣatra, they cannot substitute the knowledge contained in this book. If you do not have your copy, get one now. It will help you to understand not only the basics of the nakṣatra, but also has many advanced concepts that will not be found in any other book on

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Vedic Calendar

Saṁvatsara Purusha
The lessons given in this part are extracts from a forthcoming book on Jyotiṣa by Sanjay Rath. You are not authorized to use this information for any purpose in any literature, course or paper. There will be some more lessons on this topic and will be covered in two months including one on Pañcāṅga: Five Limbs of Time.
VC#01: Saṁvatsara PDF document
Lesson VC#02: Tithi
This lesson should give you a very good understanding of Tithi, the sun-moon angle (actually angular difference). The material given here will not be found in any book available. There is a

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