Śubhārambha Plan

We have a certain vision for the students of PJC Year-1 which needs to be completed with their mentor. You will notice under Members >> PJC Year-1 >> Śubhārambha that there are 15 lessons including some slide presentations. The objective of this introductory course is to give you a taste and real introduction to the knowledge of the seers. The lessons include nice examples and are well illustrated covering the entire gamut of vedic learning with a focus on jyotiṣa. We have continued the traditional way of learning this subject as the eye of the veda rather than

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Question-Answer #01


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Additional Lessons

Before we begin, we need to study a few sources to understand the importance of Maharṣi Parāśara. The first Lesson in this group was prepared for another course and the original word document is lost. I hope some of you can preserve these file for posterity. There is a nice description of the life and times of Parāśara.

Note: These Lessons were taught for the Brhaspati Jyotish Program and some of you may have alrady learnt them. I want to ensure that all students are on the same footing for this course. There are some more lessons in

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